Saturday, September 5, 2009

Tight ends-How I drafted them

In my keeper league, I had Gates as a keeper. I should acknowledge my intense passion for Antonio Gates, who I have had on my team since he was an undrafted rookie. I unexpectedly took a backup when Olsen slipped to the point where he was an incredible value pick. I hope to trade him.

In my 12-team draft, I took Gates in the fourth round, with two top flight receivers on my roster and a dearth of good rb options. I didn't take a backup and in Gates' bye week, I will likely leave the spot empty.

I took Gates in my auction, again not taking a backup.

In the 14-team draft I'm doing tomorrow, I plan on taking Olsen with pick 84 but if he isn't, I will likely wait and take Shiancoe or Zach Miller. There is also a possibility to take Daniels, but I doubt he is there. Picks 28 and 29 will be too early to take a tight end, as too many good backs or receivers will be left, so the big 4 are out of the question.
UPDATE: Olsen was gone at 84, but Daniels inexplicably slipped. I took him without hesitation. I took Kevin Boss with my last bench spot, he'll probably be my first drop for a receiver that looks good week one.

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