Monday, September 7, 2009

AFC Team Predictions

Patriots--Over 11.5. In that division, I think the Pats end up with 12 or 13 wins.

Jets--7 wins. Feels about right for this team.

Dolphins--7 wins. Seems everyone has caught on that last year was a easy schedule fluke

Bills--7.5 wins. Slightly tempted to go under this, but I wouldn't be that surprised if the Bills come in second in this pansy division.

Steelers--Over 10.5. Pittsburgh will clean up this division.

Ravens--Under 8.5. My perception that Ravens will fall this year is apparently shared, but if that old defense goes, it will go.

Bengals--Top pick to go over 7. Surprisingly, that Bengal defense will lead the way.

Browns--6.5 feels about right

Titans--Top pick to go over 9. This is the best team of 2008. They'll replace haynesworth and keep winning.

Texans--Over 8.5. Offense will be on the hook. Wins will follow.

Colts--10. The over is more likely than the under but 10 feels good for a team in this brutal division.

Jags--8 wins is a slight comeback from last year but right on the money.

Raiders--Over 5.5. they could get 5 wins in the division alone. Strong pick.

Chargers--Over 10 wins is fairly certain, though i could see a push.

Broncos--Top pick to go under 6.5. I have a tough time seeing this team going over 4 wins.

Chiefs--Top pick to go under 6. 2 feels about right.

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