Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday's Minings

More confirmation that the Bengal defense is for real this week. After shutting down a legitimate Green Bay offense, I'm feeling more confident in this pick. Nothing I've seen has dissuaded me that Ravens are going to be letdown, the Bengals should challenge for second in the division. The Ravens are 2-0, but they have two wins over the AFC West, and don't look particularly inspiring on offense or defense. Benson is going to end up being a draftday steal. He put up 100 yards against the Packers, who just shut down first rounder Matt Forte.

Jamarcus Russell should not be a starting qb. He just doesn't have the accuracy. He has difficulty with the easiest of throws. Sadly, that's the only thing holding back this Raider team. Throw Sanchez into the mix and the cruise to the division title. Zach Miller's value has bottomed out. Under no situation should be starting a Raider besides McFadden.

Here's the thing about the Jets. They beat two good teams, but curiously, they beat teams that aren't great on the ground and are overly reliant on one great receiver. If Revis can take out that guy one-on-one, the Pats and Texans had trouble. The Titans will beat the Jets next week, there's noone for Revis to shutdown. The Titans are use to facing defenses that aren't forced to double their big target. They'll hit Johnson out of the backfield, and shut down the Jet offense. (this doesn't take away from what the Jets have done, I think they are a real contender who should win the division.)

The value of Steve Slaton is sinking. Fast. If Chris Brown is going to take the goal line carries away, than the value of pass offense to Slaton is neutralized. I knew this would happen, I just didn't think Chris Brown could be the guy to do it. You used a high pick on Slaton if you have him, but I'd find someone else to start until either his role changes or he gets nice matchups.

I'm still not worried about Forte. The talk is that he loses value because of the lack of receiving yards as Cutler is not a big fan of the checkdown. Here's the thing, you don't get value in fantasy football(at least not too much) with 5 yard catches. You get value from touchdowns. And a Cutler led offense, going up against a weak schedule, should put him in the red zone more often than last year. He has faced the Steelers and Packers remember. He has 2 games against the Lions, coming up as well as the NFC West and Cleveland. Keep the faith.

Don't keep the faith in Turner and SJackson. Everything that they've shown so far is what looked likely before the season. Why is is that Thomas Jones, a top 5 ff rb last year was rightly looked over in preseason rankings, but Turner, another top 5 ff rb with just as glaring problems, was looked at with rose colored glasses? SJax is going to keep putting up yards, even against good teams, but touchdowns are going to be tough to come by.

Week 2 Diamonds

1. Chris Johnson, who looked better than his stat line showed. (Shouldn't have been possible, I know)
2. Frank Gore. I will issue a large mea culpa to Gore, he looked powerful and extremely healthy. Should have seen this coming, I forgot that while his schedule was similar to SJackson's that schedule was more valuable to Gore because the Niners are better than teams like Seattle while the Rams are not. If I was redrafting, I'd bump Gore up to around 7th.
3. Darren Sproles looked lively. He had trouble running the ball against Baltimore, but if they made Bennett the lead back to pound it and switched it up with Sproles, I think Sproles would actually have more value, he's so good catching it of the backfield, he reminds me of a poor mans CJ.
4. Andre Johnson He was a beast today, without him the Titans win by 20.
5. Marques Colston
6. Matt Ryan

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