Sunday, September 6, 2009

running backs-how i drafted them

In the keeper league, I came into the year with Chris Johnson and MJD. Feeling confident in this duo, I took Addai in the 7th for value and Jonathon Stewart(pre injury) in the 11th.

In the 12 team draft, I picked 7th and took Chris Johnson again, Forte went 6th, it was quite the tease. I didn't really get a true second back, so I took a trio of guys with potential in the midrounds. McFadden in the 6th(slip) Benson in the 7th and Stewart in the 9th. I also too Fred Taylor in the 14th, hoping he gets named starter and I can trade for a third receiver.

In the auction, I planned on targeting Forte, but wound up getting MJD for under his target value. With a sizable chunk of money spent, I couldn't overspend on Forte and missed out. In retrospect I should have spent the cash to get the guy I wanted, even though I later got Chris Johnson for way under value. I spent a small amount on Addai, Moreno, Benson and Sproles. Could have perhaps combined that Addai and Johnson money to get Forte.

In the 14team that draft that I did this afternoon, I had the first pic and knew it ahead of time. I took Peterson first, and was hoping for Grant to be available at 28. When Grant went 27th I was thrown. I considered a Willie Parker gambit, where I would take SSmith and Boldin and hope Parker was still there at pick 56. Adding Mendenhall and Chester Taylor would ensure a solid lineup in such a deep league. In the the end, i passed on Boldin and took Pierre Thomas, that last back of the first megatier. Having made my bed, I didn't take another back for a while. At picks 112 and 113, I took Beanie Wells and Chester Taylor. Wells was a value pick at that point. I'm not sure how he slipped that much. I don't handcuff in standard leagues, but in deep leagues, it's a must, as the wavier wire is much thinner. I also took Mike Bell in the last round, so I ended up with the Viking and Saint running attacks, with Beanie Wells for bye weeks or trade bait.

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