Saturday, September 5, 2009

2009 Rankings-Tight Ends

I've always been a fan of having a top notch tight end. Its similar to qb in that if you feel confident in your guy, you don't need to waste a bench spot on a backup. This year, there is a well publicized big 4. I agree with the four but I don't they are as close as the term suggests. Jason Witten(1) is going to have a big year with TO out of town. Antonio Gates(2) and Tony Gonzalez(3) shouldn't disappoint. I'm a little bit worried about Dallas Clark(4) to warrant taking him the same round as the other guys.

It's a significant drop after that. I find that Owen Daniels(5) is a bit overdrafted, especially as compared to Greg Olsen(6). The two should both have good years, with the improved team offenses leading to more red zone opportunities.

After that its a mess. There aren't any sure things, but a lot of acceptable options. It's definately important to get two guys with potential if you don't have any of the top 6. In any case you are better off waiting rather than grabbing someone in a panic. Visanthe Shiancoe(7) was a top 5 guy last year, currently going in the 13th round. Zach Miller(8) is the best target for the Raiders, who will have 4 games against the Chiefs and Broncos. John Carlson(9) and Heath Miller(10) are solid options. Chris Cooley(11) is crazy overdrafted. Dustin Keller(12) is another late draft value. Kellen Winslow would be worth a risk in the late rounds, but he isn't lasting that long.

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