Monday, September 7, 2009

NFC Team Predictions

Eagles--Best bet to go over 9.5 wins. Philly's unprecedented streak of bad luck cannot continue.

Cowboys--9.5 wins feels about right.They aren't as good as the Eagles.

Redskins--8 wins, leaning toward 7 should bring up the rear for this division

Giants--10 wins should give the Giants a good shot at the wildcard

Vikings--9.5 wins. this division will be much more competitive than last year

Bears--Over 9 wins. Counting on this one.

Lions--5 win. last year was an aberration

Packers--9 wins tending toward 10. Wouldn't be surprised if the hit 11 though.

Panthers--8.5 sounds good, tending towards 8.

Falcons--Under 9 wins, count em,

Saints--Best to go over 8.5 wins.

Bucs--Under 6.5 wins, a team on the fritz

Rams--5.5 wins is a big improvement from last years lucky 2-14. They probably go under.

Seahawks--Under 8. the injuries have already started

Cardinals--8.5 wins. tending toward 9-7

49ers--Over 7, just as good as seattle


  1. You don't like Gore because he's on a bad team, but then predict the Niners to get at least 8 wins? I don't see the logic. Just admit that you're a Gore hater. The Niners will win the division and Frankie will have a top five back type of season.

  2. Wouldn't be surprised if they did win the division. I don't dislike Gore, I have him 11th. I think the Niners are a subpar team but in a weak division will get to 8-8. There won't be a lot of blowout game runout the clock situations.