Friday, September 4, 2009

Quarterbacks-How I drafted in them.

In my keep4 league, I drafted Tony Romo. There are only 8 teams, so quarterbacks slipped as everyone knew there were enough to go around. It ended up being a tough decision between Romo and Rodgers. I didn't take a backup.

In my 12 team draft, I took Cutler in the fifth, He was the last of the good qbs, and I was happy to get him there. Because the wavier wire is limited in this league and there aren't a lot of good picks in the late rounds, I did take a backup, David Garrard in the 12th.

In my auction, I took Rivers, for variety if anything. I got a good price, so i took him instead of paying significantly more for Rodgers. Again, I ended up with a 2 dollar bid for Garrard at the very end.

As I've mentioned before, I have one more draft, a 14teamer. I'm planning on getting Cutler at pick 56. If he is not there I'm pretty much screwed. I can't pick a qb at 28 or 29, as the big three are gone, and noone else is worth it. By pick 56, I believe everyone else besides Cutler should be gone.
UPDATE: I indeed got Cutler with pick 56. I picked up Garrard at the end of the draft. I'll keep him as an insurance policy, but if he starts out hot, I may try to parlay him for a receiver.

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