Saturday, September 25, 2010

Week 3 Prospecting

San Fran pickem over Kansas City
Niners need to win now. If they play half as well as they did for three quarters against New Orleans this should be over by halftime.

Tennessee +3 over New York Giants
By the way they've both been playing, Titans shouldn't be getting points.

Indianapolis -6 over Denver
Are the Broncos better than the Giants? They aren't 20 points better.

Washington -3.5 over St Louis
No shame in losing to the Texans. This week will be a lot easier.

Detroit +11 over Minnesota
Lions are expert spread-coverers. Vikings haven't played well enough to warrant this spread.

Philadelphia -3 over Jacksonville

Last week 4-2
Overall 7-5
not pretty, dug myself quite the hole over the first two weeks, with my selected pick faring worse than my pucks overall.

Song of the week
Jackson Browne - The Pretender
Heard this song at the perfect moment on radio margaritaville. On a bike at dusk on an isolated stretch of hilly terrain. Perfect tempo and rhythm for the situation.

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