Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mondays Minings

This weeks minings will be brief and late. The schedule was thrown off this week but next week, a new work schedule will mean the minings will happen early Monday morning. Also, we are a week away from new schedule rankings so we can look forward to that.

What We Learned - Houston-Dallas
Not much about Houston, you had a team coming off two big wins against a team with its back to to the wall and a lot more to play for. Dallas comes away with a big win, two early losses are more the result of tough scheduling.

What We Learned - Washington-St Louis
Again, not much, the Skins were coming off two emotional games and were perhaps looking past the Rams. They looked passive on defense in a games that did not mean much, even if they should have won easily.

Quick Hits
You can run on Baltimore this year. At this point they are at least a mediocre matchup.
There is no D in New Englan. Start everyone you can.
Saints are what we thought they were(at the mines) solid team but not what they were last year.
Blount should be the starter soon in Tampa, looked substantially better than CWilliams, albeit in limited time. He has more value than Williams ever had, which wasn't much.
Big day for my guys, Machine Murphy and Mario Manningham. That said, Heyward-Bey is showing signs of serious improvement.
Austin Collie is a top 15 guy the rest of the way out.


  1. strange that the Redskins were looking past the Rams when apparently they were plying San Francisco.

    How is Mario Manningham your guy? I've never heard you talk about him. I think you're confusing yourself with Nate Ravitz.

  2. I said in the preseason that he was ranked too far below Smith and Nicks, and was a good value at where you could draft him.