Friday, September 17, 2010

Week 2 Prospecting

Titans -5 over Steelers
Pittsburgh struggled to move the ball against Atlanta and Dennis Dixon is not strong in the pocket. The way Jason Jones has been tearing through the line, this spells a disaster.

Packers -13.5 over Bills
This should be a slaughter.

Panthers -3 over Bucs
Panthers coming off a disappointing loss host the Bucs who were lucky to beat Cleveland.

Chargers -8 over Jaguars
San Diego is at home and should look to rebound from a humiliating loss. JAX is likely not very good.

Colts -4.5 over Giants

Raiders -3 over Rams

Texans -1 over Redskins

Last Week 3-3

Song of the Week: Jimmy Buffett - Far Side of the World, Live in Hawaii version
Overlooked because the original, album version is so bad. Like many Jimmy songs, this one is much better with the new arrangement used live.

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  1. love the new look...and love the panthers over is that line 3?