Saturday, September 4, 2010

Team Prospects

Buffalo-Under 5.5 wins
After 6 wins last year, the team is still a mess. Against a tough schedule, they will have a tough time getting back to 6.

Chicago-Over 8 wins
They won 7 last year and absolutely everything went wrong. This year the oline can only play better. The defense is bolstered by Peppers and Urlacher.

Cincinnati-Over 8 wins
This is a team that won 10 games last year, despite suffering a rash of injuries on defense over the last few weeks. After a disastrous playoff performance by the second string defense, the hate has gone too far.

Cleveland-Under 5.5 wins
They won 5 last year, they won't top that against what may be the toughest schedule in the league. They also plan to play Jake Delhomme at quarterback.

Denver-Under 7 wins
This team finished 2-6 down the stretch. Since then, they have lost their best player on each side of the ball. The schedule is easy but that won't be enough.

Houston-Over 8 wins
8-8 last year and lost 4 games because of missed chip shots and goal line fumbles. Those problems have been fixed.

Jacksonville-Under 7 wins
Division is too tough and they aren't any better than the 7-9 team we saw last year.

Miami-Over 8.5 wins
Things seem to be in place for Miami, who will need to improve on last year's seven to win the division. They added a top talent at a position of dire need.

New York Jets-Under 9.5 wins
The Jets, a 500 team last year, won't top that win total against this murderer's row schedule unless two more teams lay down for them at the end.

Oakland-Over 6.5 wins
The schedule is too easy for them not to top this. They won 5 last year and made a big improvement at the most important position.

Pittsburgh-Under 9 wins
9-win team with Big Ben last year. How have they improved? Starting out 1-3 won't help them get back to 9.

San Diego-Over 11 wins
Won 13 last year and face the easiest schedule in the NFL. Improved running game as well.

Tennessee-Over 8.5 wins
The opposite of Denver, this team won 8 last year after tossing the first 6. They should top 8 by playing all 16.

Tampa-Under 5.5 wins
Not a lot of wins on this schedule for a team that has so little on both sided of the ball.

Washington-Over 7.5 wins
The biggest jump from 4 wins, but they made the most improvements.

Now the teams that I stake my claim on.

Green Bay-Over 10 wins
In position to be the class of the NFC. They aren't going down from last year's 11-5. 14 wins is more likely than 9.

San Francisco-Over 8.5 wins
This is cake, 8-8 last year and going up against an NFC easiest schedule. Throw in a full year of Alex Smith and a potentially healthy Gore, and SF gets 9 in their sleep.

For posterity, here's the rest of the league.
Arizona- 7.5 from 10
Atlanta-9 from 9
Baltimore-10 from 9
Carolina-7.5 from 8
Dallas-10 from 11
Detroit-5 from 2
Indianapolis-11 from 14
Kansas City-6.5 from 4
Minnesota-9.5 from 12
New England-9.5 from 10
New Orleans-10.5 from 13
New York Giants-8.5 from 8
Philadelphia-8.5 from 11
Seattle- 7 from 5
St Louis-4.5 from 1

For kicks, division winners

San Diego
Green Bay
New Orleans
San Francisco

Made my super bowl pick in February and I'm sticking with it, even though everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon. Green Bay-Indianapolis.


  1. How bout having troy p back for the steelers? better?

  2. Yeah, better on defense, but tough to make up for starting god knows who at qb for 4 weeks. And playing that schedule.