Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tight End Review

This will be quick and dirty, as tight ends are less important than the other three positions, but more important than defense and kickers. It's boring because I tended to agree with conventions. Also, I usually just take Gates every year. We go together like lamb and tuna fish.

Jason Witten
Conventional Ranking: First tight end off the board, picking up TOs catches. What I Said: Agreed. What Happened: Didn't show up often on the scoreboard, staying in to block more often than before. Future Prospects: Risky, worth a flier, but that is it.

Antonio Gates
Conventional Ranking: Clear cut number 2, a 5th rounder. What I Said: Agreed. What Happened: Just that. Future Prospects: As always, Gates should be one of the first TEs off the board.

Tony Gonzalez
Conventional Ranking: Number 3, right after the other 2. What I Said: Agreed. What Happened: A little off the pace, but owners weren't too disappointed. Future Prospects: Should be right there again. At least one more year.

Dallas Clark
Conventional Ranking:
A round after the other 3. What I Said: Agreed, the fourth of the big 4. What Happened: Exceeded expectations. The number 1 guy. Future Prospects: First off the board next year. And for a few more after that.

Owen Daniels
Conventional Ranking: Second tier. What I Said: Agreed. What Happened: Exceeded expectations for the first half, than went on IR. Future Prospects: High, top tier next year alongside Gates, Davis and Clark.

Greg Olsen
Conventional Ranking: 2nd tier, would match well with Cutler. What I Said: Agreed. What Happened: Huge disappointment. Future Prospects: Barely draftable next year.

Chris Cooley
Conventional Ranking: 2nd tier. What I Said: Big mistake. Stay away. What Happened: Nailed my major deviation. Cooley was worthless this year. Future Prospects: Not really worth taking next year.

Kellen Winslow
Conventional Ranking: 8th. What I Said: Didn't want him. What Happened: I was wrong, he finished top 8. Future Prospects: Looks like he's found his potential as the top target in Tampa. Should maintain his position.

Zach Miller
Conventional Ranking: 9th. What I Said: Agreed. What Happened: Fell off the map. Future Prospects: Won't be picked next year.

John Carlson
Conventional Ranking: 10th. What I Said: Agreed. What Happened: Finished around there, though he really had limited value in all but two weeks. Future Prospects: I would shy away next year.

Jeremy Shockey
Conventional Ranking: 11th. What I Said: Too many targets in NOLA to pick this guy. What Happened: Another one for me, he did nothing. Future Prospects: Washed up.

Visanthe Shiancoe
Conventional Ranking: 16th. What I Said: 7th best TE, one of the steals of the draft. What Happened: Bingo, Shiancoe finished 5th. I don't know why people thought he would do so much worse than 2008. Future Prospects: Second tier guy, should be top 10 again.

Heath Miller
Conventional Ranking: Inexplicably, 19th, undrafted. What I Said: 10th, a potential starter. What Happened: 8th, another obvious one somehow missed. Future Prospects: No reason he doesn't repeat his success.

Vernon Davis
Conventional Ranking: Undrafted. What I Said: Agreed. What Happened: Best TE by far over the second half. Future Prospects: Top tier guy next year

Brent Celek
Conventional Ranking: Undrafted. What I Said: Agreed. What Happened: Came up big, a top guy. Future Prospects: Good situation, should be a second tier pick.

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