Monday, December 7, 2009

Mondays Minings

There really isn't too much to say about the upcoming weeks. Playoff spots are assured, the trade deadlines have passed and everyone's team is pretty much what it will be. One note, in lieu of a full Minings.

2010 Diamonds in the rough
Kenny Britt-I liked Britt at the beginning of the season(more than Washington) and used him as a bye week starter in a deep league. I like him a lot more than Nate Washington or Justin Gage in Tennessee next year.
Brian Hartline-Hartline came through for me this week. They don't have a real go to guy. The trend here is young receivers who will be entering the second year of a pairing with a young qb. They should be available pretty cheap/late, but are potentially(and in my opinion the likely) number one next year.
Devin Thomas-Again, its not that I'm sure he will be the guy in washington next year. But he is more likely than anyone else.
Lewis The Machine Murphy-Its a bit heavy on guys who have only done something recently. But these are the connections that seem to be developing. I could be wrong, but I think guys who showed off earlier and tailed off like MSW will have more name recognition and get drafted much higher. (in fairness, I would draft MSW higher myself. As for Murphy, he is the best of the bunch talentwise, and the worst off situation-wise.
Bo Scaife-A popular sleeper pick from last year, he disappeared when Collins took over the offense. Vince Young comes back and Scaife is back in the game plan. Potential value again in 2010.

Running back review will be coming out this week.


  1. brian hartline and greg camarillo combo?

  2. well there's also bess and ginn. of the four, i think i like hartline as the best.value. second year receiver.

  3. no you called him greg such person.