Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Forecast Review

Before the season, I picked several teams to go do better or worse than their over/under. I'll go through those first, than get to the ones I agreed with Vegas on.

Pats. Over 11.5
Got this wrong, a win this week would put them at 11. Being wrong is rarely such delight.

Bills. Under 7.5
Got it, Bills are at 5, they're not very good.

Ravens. Under 8.5
Depends on this week. I need the Raiders to come through. Right on the Ravens falling either way.

Bengals. Over 7. Lock.
Nailed it. Bengals were my sleeper this year and they did more than enough to back it up.

Titans. Over 9.
Woops, Titans will end up at 8. For future reference, I should not bet on the Titans or Pats. In all fairness, they've been a 9 win team since they got their act together.

Colts. Over 10.

Texans. Over 8.5.
They will get win 9 this week. Should have had 11.

Raiders. Over 5.5.
Need the Raiders to win this week again.

Chargers. Over 10. Lock.
Yeah, me and everyone else.

Broncos. Under 6.5. Lock.
Missed this one. They have 8.

Chiefs. Under 6. Lock City.
Much closer to my prediction of 2 than 6.

Eagles. Over 9.5. Lock City.
Already at 11, thank you.

Redskins. Under 8.
4, nice job by me.

Bears. Over 9.
Couldn't have been more wrong.

Packers. Over 9.
Have 10 going into 17.

Panthers. Under 8.5.
Will get 8 at best.

Falcons. Under 9.
Could get to 9 this week.

Bucs. Under 6.5. Lock.
This was obvious.

Saints. Over 8.5. Lock City.
I think they came through.

Rams. Under 5.5.
Only 1 as of now.

Cardinals. Over 8.5.
They've got 10.

Seahawks. Under 8. Lock.
Sitting at 5.

49ers. Over 7.
Need to win this week.

To sum up.

I was wrong on 6 picks.

4 Ended up around the spot. 3 of them could hit this weekend, but either way it wasn't a great bet.

I was right on 15 picks. Not bad and not to impressive for Vegas to miss so obviously, so often.

I misses one of my locks and hit 6 of them. In retrospect, I should have made a little trip and put some money on this. My Superbowl pick, Colts vs Saints has lost a little luster in the past few weeks, but it still has just as much chance as any matchup.

For the other games, where I agreed with the lines and were thus non-picks, 4 of them were off, while three were basically on the number.

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