Wednesday, October 21, 2009

NFC Schedules Week 7-16

1E 2D 3C 2B 1A Bye
Mediocre schedule, mediocre playoff schedule. Nothing suggests anything different than a stockpile of yards without the Tds to go with it.

0E 2D 3C 1B 3A Bye
Pretty good schedule but Jones has been shut down easily recently. Forsett might have a little more ability. If he starts to get more carries, he may be a decent option for those late season As.

1E 2D 3C 3B 1A
Gore missed the best part of his schedule but there is more quality left should he return. I have no confidence in Coffee except in the best matchups. A healthy Gore could run all over 7 of those games including a nice week 16.

2E 3D 0C 2B 3A
A schedule that might tempt you into starting a Cardinal back a few times. Don't do it. Don't do it.

1E 3D 2C 2B 1A Bye
Not the best part of the schedule for Peterson, in fact its pretty middling. Not that AD minds that much. You're playing him if you have him, you aren't going to be able to get him if you don't.

2E 2D 1C 1B 4A
Very nice schedule if Grant is your third back, he has more As left than anyone. He has been a bit sort on TDs but I think that straightens out, especially against those good matchups. Great finals matchup.

1E 5D 2C 0B 2A
Would you believe Forte has passed the easy part of his schedule? Looks like there won't be much success for him in 09. Maybe the new offense doesn't work for him. Maybe he just doesn't have it. Either way, there isn't much to like for Forte, including a brutal playoff schedule.

1E 3D 2C 1B 2A Bye
Medium to below average remaining schedule for Kevin Smith, who has satisfies his predictions and surprised me. Smith probably continues as he has, in the low end of the top 20.

0E 4D 2C 2B 1A Bye
Not a pretty schedule, not a pretty situation. Cadillac has feasted off some weak opponents, prepare for the famine.

1E 3D 2C 2B 2A
DWilliams will probably pile up points against those two As and Bs, leading fantasy owners to overdraft him again next year, all the while frustrating current owners with his erratic production. Hint: his playoff matchups are terrible.

0E 0D 4C 3B 3A
This is the best remaining schedule in the NFC. Scary good considering the numbers Thomas has put up in just a few games. If you can acquire Thomas, at any time before his excellent playoff schedule, you should do it.

1E 4D 2C 1B 2A
So sorry, Michael Turner. He may feast on those As, one of which is in the fantasy finals, but there is too much bad here, and he hasn't looked good against the bad so far. One other possibility is that he will face less men in the box from now on as teams realize he isn't the threat he was rumored to be. Still a trade based on his high potential could pay off.

2E 2D 4C 2B 0A
Westbrook owners have probably given up by now, and the schedule won't persuade them to change their minds. If westbrook plays, he'll produce, it's still a matter of when he plays.

1E 3D 3C 2B 0A Bye
It's not great but its the NFC East, great doesn't exist. Treat Portis as you always have.

1E 2D 4C 3B 0A
This is actually pretty good, better than the Boys have seen this far. I don't know if you should acquire a Cowboys back with the timesplit, but you should be happy with the ones you have.

0E 2D 4C 3B 0A Bye
Could be worse, Jacobs should do better against these opponents than what he's done so far. Its middling but h's faced a tough schedule to this point.

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  1. i like what you have to say about the 49ers and Saints....should everyone else in our league be scared of my runningbacks going forward?