Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday's Minings-Week 4

Its a sad day in the mines, as the Titan's season is over. The first three losses were all close losses against good teams that could have gone either way. Then they went out and were embarrasses at Jacksonville. Kerry Collins was brutal, sadly he ended with a good stat line by throwing in garbage time, but he was dreadful when it mattered. Chris Johnson may be at risk of Steven Jackson syndrome, where he puts up yards but his bum qb kills drive after drive after drive.

To ease the pain, there will be a few "I told you so"s, starting with Slaton and Forte. Last week I said there would be better outputs against better matchups and they both rewarded patient owners this week. Not that Forte looked good, he didn't, but his situation allowed him to put points on the board. His value has always been in his situation. It gets better from here on out for Forte and Slaton.

The Mines' Colts Saints superbowl pick is currently 8-0. Feeling good there/

Benson and the Bengal defense were less than stellar, but I'm willing to overlook a one game slip up. Three games outweigh one at the moment, I'm going to pay attention to both next week.

You can probably drop Tomlinson now. Hey, if anyone picks him up, the joke is really on them. Funny moment from last night, analyst on SNF praises LDT for dancing around behind the line because he managed to dive forward and pick up 4 yards into a huge hole, than the next play slamming LDT for doing the exact same thing, only losing yardage because the hole was filled by a defender.

Looks like Denver defense is real, didn't see this coming at all. Becoming a dangerous matchup. If only they still had an offense. Buut, why is Sam Hurd the number one option for Romo? Sam Hurd being covered by Champ. By covered, I mean abused. Maybe Wade Phillips isn't the best coach.

San Diego, on the other hand, is a fantastic matchup. This was obvious in the preseason, despite the espn hype machine.

Seneca Wallace and Housh are becoming a good connection. This bodes well for Housh, Seattle will be behind all season.

1. Rashard Mendenhall, wow. Man can hit a hole and go. Here's hoping Willie Parker doesn't give him some veteran wisdom to flesh out his game.
"hey rashard, you gotta dance around more behind the line. you want a lot of lateral motion back there. hey rashard, when you see that hole, wait to make sure its a good one before you commit to it."
2. Peyton Manning is solidifying his status as the greatest of all time.
3. Antonio Gates made it look effortless, vintage 2007 Gates performance


  1. would you have won this week if we didn't make the gates/gonzo trade?

  2. yes, watching him play well was the saddest thing. felt like betrayed him