Monday, October 12, 2009

Mondays Minings-Week 5

The mines were partially closed this weekend so the minings will be brief.

THIS has to be it for Chris Brown as goal line back, right? Singlehandedly lost two games for the Texans this year. He got TWO chances to punch it in. Coaches have to recognize their team strengths. Houston, like Philly for the past decade, doesn't have a power running game. Pull it back and let your qb make the play. That tight end flat route seems to work.......always.
Meanwhile, Jacksonville, who had a back that's perfect for goal line work, twice tries to throw it in, twice fails. Frustrating.

Who thought I would utter this quote before the season?
I'm worried about every back besides Thomas, Benson and Mendenhall.
That includes Peterson, who while grabbing touchdowns, has been unimpressive for several weeks now.

Chris Johnson needs Vince Young and fast. Collins can no longer move the ball, and with the collapse of the Titan defense, they are being forced to throw most of the game. This is the best receiver corps the Titans have had in years, it shouldn't be the offensive disaster we have been watching.

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