Tuesday, October 20, 2009

AFC Schedules Week 7-16

Time for a schedule update. Once again, this applies to running backs, A matchups are good, and Es should be avoided.

2E 2D 2C 3B 1A
Not a pretty run of opponents. Unload your Charger backs while you can. It may seem as if your selling low, but this is actually the high point. Terrible playoff schedule ices up their cake. On the bright side, their air attack is crackerjack.

1E 1D 1C 4B 2A Bye
Good finishing schedule but if you are playing Larry Johnson at this point, you have bigger problems. This team is too bad to take advantage. In a very deep league, you might consider moving something worthless to get Johnson, who will have more value from here on.

1E 2D 2C 3B 1A Bye
Meaningless as noone's playing a Raider back. Will it be Fargas from now on? One note, if it gets settled before the end who the feature guy is, they play the Browns with nothing at stake during fantasy finals.

2E 2D 2C 3B 0A Bye
Doesn't look too good, especially for backs in a time share. Hopefully, my favorite UGA alum will see his value depressed and I'll be able to pick him up cheaply next year. Long term, I love Moreno's value, but I don't see much in the second half of 09. Move him if you can. Honestly I'd rather have Larry Johnson to play against Buffalo and Cleveland weeks 14 and 15.

0E 2D 4C 1B 2A Bye
Good schedule for a feature back, not for a time split or uncertain situation. I don't trust Maroney's health or Morris' ability. Will Fred Taylor be back?

1E 2D 3C 3B 0A Bye
The Bills really need those A matchups to produce and they don't have any left. Poor playoff matchups don't help either. The best remaining matchups are the next two, before the bye. IF Lynch has a good couple weeks, it could be a golden trade opportunity.

0E 1D 3C 3B 2A bye
Somehow Thomas Jones has put up fantasy numbers, despite getting absolutely shut out of several games and playing like 2008 Tomlinson every time I've seen him. And he has the easy part of his schedule coming up. I would never feel comfortable starting him, fearing another 12 carry 17 yard game. The playoff games are his bad ones.

1E 2D 1C 4B 2A
Brown has put up surprising numbers and has a bunch of playable matchups left. I still think his numbers won't hold up, but the schedule says they do.

2E 3D 1C 3B 0A Bye
Not that good, but Mendenhall doesn't need that good of a matchup. The catch, trade him before the playoffs. Terrible playoff matchups. I know I'm going to try to trade him for a receiver in at least one league.

2E 2D 2C 1B 2A Bye
Another poor schedule with scary playoff matchups. The gravy ride probably ends here for Ray Rice. Rice for Brown or even Slaton are probably both doable.

1E 2D 1C 4B 1A Bye
So apparently, it gets better for Benson from here on. Great playoff schedule, keep him, get him, do whatever it takes to have him on your roster.

1E 3D 1C 3B 1A Bye
You could play Lewis in those four matchups. Hopefully you aren't.

1E 1D 4C 2B 1A Bye
This is where Slaton kicks it in. Chris Brown has been discredited, the Texans have stepped it up as a team and there are a lot of good matchups. But low if you can, he gets the Rams in the fantasy semis.

0E 1D 4C 2B 2A Bye
Johnson got the tough part of his schedule out of the way early. He has possibly the best remaining schedule. His team is falling apart on him however and may have difficulty getting touchdowns. He's been a top 5 back without many TDs so far, it won't take many Tds to keep him there. Solid playoff matchups.

1E 2D 2C 4B 0A Bye
Pretty solid schedule for a guy who is currently in first and scores in bunches. Expect more of the same and a top 3 finish.

2E 2D 1C 4B 1A
If you have any Colts, your sticking with them, but I wouldn't acquire any. The second half is the harder half for the Colts, but its still pretty easy. Your still waiting for an injury to one of the two.

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