Monday, October 25, 2010

Mondays Minings

What We Learned Chiefs-Jaguars
Not to take the Chiefs and their gaudy record too seriously. Last week, the Jags were dominated by the Titans at home. At home this week, where they supposedly have one of the best home field advantages, they played a poor Jacksonville team even until the last 5 minutes. Sure, they ran over the Jags, but Cassel did nothing outside of some poor throws that Dwayne Bowe turned into touchdowns. The continued split of carries means that its rare when you can start either Charles or Jones. Against Denver you can easily start both, but in most weeks I would hope to have a better option.

What We Learned Falcons Bengals
Bengals: Bad. Falcons: Mediocre. Michael Turner: Good play against bad defenses but not the first round pick many though he was, too slow. Roddy White: Alongside Andre Johnson as most talented receiver, if not always the best fantasy play. Cedric Benson: Not getting the help he needs, from his defense or quarterback. TO: Not a fluke, playing much better than last year. Will get lots of looks in quasi-garbage time.

What We Learned Steelers-Dolphins
That refs should not be allowed to do games involving their hometown teams. Why can't this be a principle. They do it in World Cup. While rarely would it actually affect games, why are we chancing this. The glee in which that Roethlisberger touchdown was incorrectly was called was barely restrained at best. If they treat this like the tuck rule, it means the end of scrums, since it apparently no longer matters who comes out of it with the ball. Sadly, this is the end of the season in Miami.

Quick Hits
After the first few possessions, it seemed as if Heimerdinger had read what I wrote last week. The first two running plays I saw were a step in the right direction although the line is still laying like garbage, such that I was salivating over the blocking schemes the Vikings were using Sunday night.
Not that it mattered after the performance from Woo Woo Kenny Britt, but without occasionally creating a hole, the Titans will be pressed to defeat better teams.
Browns over Saints was a mild upset at best. Anyone that thought the Saints were still elite going into this game didn't watch the first 5 weeks.
Sand Francisco is officially bad. Bottom 5 bad. This week's performance is just about par. No surprise for for the worst team to beat the 4th worst team by 3 at home.
Bottom 5: Carolina, Denver, Arizona, San Francisco, Buffalo.
Gettis might be a nice flier in deep leagues, but I can't see starting him. He put up 125 against one of the worst defenses in the league. Won't see this good a matchup again.
Now can we stop pretending Baltimore defense is good. It's been obvious since week 2.

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