Monday, October 18, 2010

Mondays Minings

Quick Hits
What happened to the Bears defense. Even a decent performance against the Seahawks and Mike Williams gets them the win yesterday.
The NFC South may be the worst division now. Carolina is the worst team in the league, Tampa is awful, Atlanta is decidedly mediocre and New Orleans is slightly above average at best.
Washington fans seem to be very appreciative of McNabb. Unlike Philly fans who got much better than they deserved for all those years.
Speaking of Philly, the most overrated team in the NFC at the moment. (To quote Joe Fox's dad, that's extremely ironic.) Extremely soft schedule will toughen up over the next few weeks.
If the Packers do make move and pick up a running back by the deadline, the only teams that can keep them from the SuperBowl are the Giants and Cowboys.
Right now, who is the leading MVP candidate? There isn't one player who deserves to be in the conversation.

That's it for the minings today. Wasn't much that really happened. Since Lou Holtz was talking about it on tv this week, I'm going to put up my perfect BCS solution early this week in a separate post. I may post further thoughts if I see anything interesting on short cuts.

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