Monday, April 5, 2010

Offseason Minings-McNabb Fallout

The 2010 season isn't going to feel quite the same. With DonnyMac in Washington, the Eagles dynasty is no more and I'll no longer have a reason to root for the green and silver. A strange thing, unlike McNair leaving Tennessee, as this time a whole team has been taken away. A strange day.

Perhaps more importantly there are fantasy implications to the trade.

McNabb: Takes the biggest hit here. His new team has decidedly worse line and worse receiving targets. I could see a big year happening, but he is decidedly a risk/reward type guy with a decently high floor in his new situation. Should be taken as a solid backup in standard leagues.

Kevin Kolb: We've seen little to nothing of Kolb, but as we have seen, situation can be everything. The Eagles are still a good offense with good protection and a top target in DJAX. If they continue to struggle with power running situations, Kolb's TD total could be decent. probably a back up, but I'm definitely interested.

Le Sean McCoy: The second year back takes a hit too, but I feel he will still be undervalued come August. The naysayers will be all over this Eagles team, but they will be decent, if not a likely playoff contender. The defense will still be tough and I don't need to go over how that helps a rb again. I like what I've seen from McCoy so far and he could finally solve the Eagles goal line problems, a year too late.

Redskins running backs: Yeah there is a boost here, but are you taking any of these guys? We learned our lesson in Denver, Shanahan with too many backs is fantasy kryptonite. On the other hand, Portis, SWP and LJ could all be out by week 6.

Desean Jackson: Minor hit. I've said it many times, top receivers get their numbers, regardless of situation. I believe DJAX is a top guy. Now, if you are expecting him to do as well as last year, you were mistaken even before this move. My money is on him finishing in the top 10 but outside the top 5. I think that is still realistic with Kolb.

Devin Thomas: I had already pegged this guy as a sleeper for 2010. While I'm now even more confident in him, I worry that this move wakes up more people to his potential. You may have to pay for him now but I think he establishes himself as the top target in Washington.

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  1. look at this guy. it takes a bombshell like his beloved eagles being dismantled for him to make a post. how bout them redskins running backs though? my two guys back together again (LJ and Portis).