Friday, April 30, 2010

Offseason Minings-Draft Report-Receivers

Bringing up the rear are the wideouts. Traditionally, rookie receivers haven't had much impact. The sophomore breakout was the cliche. In recent years, rookies like Desean Jackson have turned conventional wisdom on its head. Let's take a look at the guys who could breakout this year.

Demaryius Thomas-Denver-Round 1
Not a great scenario. I don't like Denver much, and theoretically, he is behind Stokely and Royal on the depth chart. They could be starting Tebow at some point and I doubt Thomas is a jump-throw catcher.

Dez Bryant-Dallas-Round 1
Interesting. The talent is there and he should be the number 2 wr early in the year, catching passes from Romo. The problem is that everyone knows this and he isn't much of a sleeper compared to other rookies. But if he slips, he probably puts up the best rookie numbers.

Arrelious Benn-Tampa-Round 2
My favorite sleeper right now. No profile means you can take him just before your kicker. On a bad team that will throw till the end, and with a dearth of receiving threats. Chance at being the top target and putting up a classic Tampa year in the mold of Clayton, Galloway or Bryant.

Golden Tate-Seattle-Round 2
Not a great candidate to break out this year. Housh gets most of the targets in Seattle and that won't change.

Damian Williams-Tennessee-Round 3
I like Williams long term to start alongside Britt in the long term. In the short term, he is not worth drafting but keep an eye on the first few weeks for a pickup.

I'm a little bit interested in Jacoby Ford in Oakland, Mardy Gilyard in St Louis and the two Carolina guys. But like Williams, I'd rather wait and see how they do the first few weeks.

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