Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Offseason MInings-Marshall Plan

The long awaited Marshall trade finally happened. As much as I didn't like the move for Seattle I love it for Miami. Whereas the Seahawks were much more than a receiver away from contending, the Fins are a team I already liked to take their division and moreover, were primarily lacking a number one receiver. I'd previously mentioned they had a stable of No 3 wideouts. Now they add a top 5 talent to a team with a young qb I feel pretty good about and a top 5 running game anchored by Jake Long. It's a great team move, but how does it affect fantasy?

Not too much, in all honesty. It's a slight boost for Marshall, but he was already going top 7, and it's not that different of a situation for him.

It's a bigger boost for Henne, but not really enough to make him more than a backup. He is still a low risk backup, not the high risk type you want in the late rounds. His value is the highest in deep leagues, as he makes a solid starter that you can pick up in midrounds in 16 team leagues.

Drop in value for the aforementioned stable of Fin wideouts. Marshall tends to hog the catches. I doubt I could draft one of those guys now.

Drop for Orton but you weren't taking him anyways.

Nice boost for Ronnie Brown. Marshall means more red zone chances for Brown. Of course, Brown has traditionally been limited by injuries more than anything else.


  1. mean anything for the denver wideouts? do they have any now?

  2. well theres royal who i like in general, but orton has shown he can't hit the deep routes that royal likes to run. stokely is around too but he won't fill the marshall role. a rookie receiver could be an interesting late round pick there. i don't think denver can go into the season without adding a wideout.