Saturday, February 7, 2009

Running Back-Final Notes

Just to finish up my end of season thoughts on running backs, here's afew other backs to consider.

Knowshon Moreno
Depending on where the Georgia back ends up, he could be a contender, at least a mid round back. Other rookies may be draftable as well, but until the draft its tough to consider any. It depends more on situation than on the back himself, but I don't think there are going to be as many rookie backs that make an impact as in previous years. For one, it doesn't seem many will be drafted highly and secondly, many teams already have a young back contributing. Particularly I see value if he goes to the Texans, Broncos or Jets.

Denver Broncos Back
The Broncos have a outstanding line and a great passing game. A running back that is established as a feature back will be very worthy. A new coach might not even object to having a feature back so keep an eye on this situation. If Moreno ends up here, he jumps to the high second tier. If McGahee, Larry Johnson or someone of their caliber ends here he jumps to the mid tier as would any of the current Broncos backs who establishes himself. This spot is built for fantasy success.

Michael Bush-Raiders
My current favorite late round sleeper. He probably won't get drafted at all, so I don't recommend taking him into the last round, but he is a good flier to take there. He has talent and a team that may be on the rise.

Michael Bennett-Chargers
This only applies if Sproles is gone. But if he is, the backup to a possibly washed-up Tomlinson and a good Charger offense is worth a last round pick.

Cardinal Running Back
I don't like any of the current crop but if they pick up anyone new, he's worth a look with a newly confident oline and a weak NFCW schedule.

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