Saturday, February 7, 2009

Passing Schedules

For quarterbacks, you don't play the schedules as much as you do for rb. You generally only have one or two on your roster. Most people either get a top notch qb or play musical quarterbacks. So ther. With only one starter, you probably have someone you play everyweek. If your playing musical quarterbacks, you are taking guys off the waiver wire. But it may still be helpful, perhaps if you are torn between two qbs you view equally. Since schedule isn't as important for qbs I'm not going into my methodology. If there was a qb with an outstanding schedule, you might want to think about using a flier, but I don't see an guy like that out there.

The top schedules are again in the AFC South, I guess it says something about being in a division where three of the teams are offense first. Add in the AFCE and NFCW and you have some drooling offenses.


The next best schedules for qbs:


So forget what I said back in December about Tavris Jackson and Orton. Upon inspection, their schedule aren't that good. What can be taken from this? Schaub is probably the primary benficiary. He's probably leading the third tier now. I might consider using two midrounders on Schaub and either Flacco or even Garrard. I used that strategy last year, picking Eli and Rodgers in several leagues, planning on one of them coming through.

Worst passing schedules

Well its the NFC East again, not surprising. I don't even downweight Manning or McNabb, its the same schedule they played last year. The NFC South is going against the NFCE so their schedule is a bit of a downweight. This doesn't dissuade me from picking Brees, and I wasn't going to pick a Buc. Ryan is hurt a bit, I guess if you were considering Ryan or Schaub, who I had rated 8th and 9th, this makes the difference. The other NFCE opponent is the AFCW, and their divisional matchups alone counter the bad NFCE games.

In the end, this won't affect the rankings nearly as much as it did for running backs, but there may be years where there is more significant difference in passing schedule.

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