Monday, November 21, 2011

BCS+ Update

Last year I postulated a +1 system to determine a college championship. I'm just going to do a quick rundown of the current scenarios.

Should LSU finish the season unbeaten, they would be the number one team. They would pull the third rated conference winner into the Sugar Bowl.

This would be Virginia Tech if they win. If VT fails to win the ACC, it would open the door for Stanford to get to the Sugar Bowl.

The winner of Oklahoma and OSU would as the second rated conference winner would pull Auburn into the Fiesta Bowl.

So the line up would be

Rose: Oregon-Big 10 champ
Fiesta: OU/OSU-Alabama
Sugar: LSU-VT/Stanford

The Orange is where it gets confusing. If VTech does win the ACC, then the Big East Champ would be the home team and the second team could be Stanford, the OU/OSU loser or Arkansas. If VTech loses, then said ACC winner would now face the Big East Champ as the home team.

In the end, though. The national championship would almost certainly showcase the winner of that Fiesta against the winner of that Sugar.

Of course, if Oregon loses to Oregon St, then Stanford could win the PAC 10, it could render all this moot as everything would be scrambled. Oregon would be out of the picture, Stanford would end up in the Rose Bowl and Boise would have a shot a spot in the Sugar Bowl against LSU.

This is just the beginning of the scenarios that would be discussed under the system. I didn't even get into what would happen if LSU loses, either to Arkansas or SC.

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