Monday, November 28, 2011

BCS+ Update 2

To continue from last week, certain scenarios have become more solid after another week of games. Let's see where we are(or would be) under the BCS+ plan.

One major bowl is locked in. The Rose would feature the winner of the Big Ten and the winner of the Pac 10.

Rose: Oregon/UCLA-Wisconsin/Michigan St

The rest is still up in the air.

If LSU beats Georgia:

They would face Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl, unless VT loses to Clemson, in which case LSU would face Stanford.

The winner of Oklahoma/Oklahoma St would face Alabama in the Fiesta Bowl

and The winner of the Big East would face Clemson should they prevail in the ACCC and Stanford otherwise.

The national Championship game would almost certainly be the Sugar and Fiesta winners.

If LSU loses:

Georgia would play the Big East winner in the Sugar, LSU would go to the Fiesta against the OU/OSU winner, and Alabama would go to the Orange against VT/Clemson

In which case the likely NC game would be the Fiesta winner against the Orange winner, but if the Orange winner ended up being Clemson, there is a chance Georgia or the Rose winner could slip in.

So there are 6 teams that have a realistic chance of a NC game berth going into the conference championships.

Fiesta: OU/OSU-Alabama/LSU

So confusing, so awesome

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