Monday, September 5, 2011

Super Bowl Odds

I've already made it clear in a variety of formats since March, but I believe the best chances for Super Bowl berths are the Cowboys and Chargers. The Chargers are the nearest thing to a lock to win their conference since the 09 Saints. But let's take a look at some odds.


The Chargers at 5:1 are a fantastic bet. They odds I would have liked to see, and you could have gotten better odds in March but sadly, Vegas has caught on and realized that Chargers have the best shot to reach the big game.

The second choice would Pittsburg at +570. This isn't bad but it would take about 7 or 8 to 1 for me to think about betting on the Steelers.

The face that the Jets and Ravens have similar odds to those two teams is a joke. Sucker bets.

For long odds, the Raiders have some value at 66 to 1. Twice the payoff as the Chiefs? Now it is unlikely that the Raiders win the Super Bowl, but there is value there.


The Cowboys are at +950. This is a pretty solid bet. I'd say their actual odds are about the same as Green Bay, who only give you +250 so this is probably the best bet on the board.

For longer odds, the Bears have a lot of value. This team was one game away last year and are probably better. They give you the 9th best odds at 18:1? Insane. I don't see them beating Dallas or Green Bay, but worse odds than "pencil us in at 6-10" Tampa Bay?

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