Saturday, September 3, 2011

NFL Futures

Since my fantasy content has moved to this site will now just be a place for the lines. Starting off with the over-unders.

The following are slam dunks. Take them to the bank.

Chargers over 10 wins

Cowboys over 9 wins

Bucs under 8.5 wins

Chiefs under 8 wins

A few more that should be considered

Raiders over 7 wins

Bengals under 6 wins

Ravens under 11 wins

Jets under 10 wins

Bears over 9 wins

And now for the divisions

NFC South: Almost a toss up between the Saints and Falcons. Saints are better team, the slight favorite and the odds reflect that. There is no bet here.

NFC North: There is some value in the Bears at 6:1, but the Packers will still most likely win this division.

NFC East: The Cowboys, the likely champion, are sporting attractive 3:1 odds, the same as the Giants. Strongest bet you will find.

NFC West: This is another toss up division, this time between San Francisco and St Louis. The Niners have some value here at 2.5:1, whereas the Rams will only give you 1.5:1. This is a bet.

AFC West: Like the Bears, the Raiders have some value with outside chance and 6:1 odds. But at the end of the day, San Diego will come out on top.

AFC North: The Steelers, who most certainly will win, are only costing you 1:1.25, not nearly as bad as the odds the Chargers or Packers will give you. This is a decent betting opportunity.

AFC East: The Pats are once again the favorite, but their odds (1.7:1) aren't as attractive as the Steelers'. The Jest are an outside chance but I would want better than the 1.8:1 odds you can get.

AFC SOuth: These odds are off the board while Peyton Manning's injury is uncertain. Unless he misses a significant amount of time, the Colts will still win the division.

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