Monday, November 9, 2009

Mondays Minings-Week 9

Was that Ahman Green playing for the Packers? Are things going that bad? Will they send out Paul Hornung next week? Nice game for Grant in an complete fluke of a game. Then again, he was going against the Bucs. He is a sell high if you can.

For the Texans, Moats looked, um, well better than Slaton, other than the fumble. That part looked exactly like Slaton. They couldn't get Dwyer fast enough, though Green Bay will probably draft him first. I do like what I see, and would feel confident starting Moats the rest of the way. He will have better matchups and a few goal line opportunities. Texans will be leading more games in the second halves. I'd buy before his value goes up if you can. At this point however, you should be looking at what matchups you have left. If you like two backs that you have, there isn't much point in acquiring another just because he has value. You need to look at who you are going to start when. You primarily consider the next few weeks if you are hunting a playoff spot, and weeks 15-16 if you are looking strong.

That game for Chris Chambers was ridiculous and we are all dumber for having witnessed it. He is an ideal UFL receiver. Matt Cassell, product of the Patriots system? Looks that way. Sims-Walker has been noticeably inconsistent, and has scored quite a few points on my bench, but he has my confidence going forward. The Jags will normally be behind, and he should be the target. Play him.

Cedric Benson has to be in any discussion about the best back in the league. On the other side, Rice has a poor game but still gets the bulk of the work. They've committed.

Improving run defenses: patriots and panthers
Worsening run defenses: redskins, saints and bears

Matt Forte really is looking better, even though he rarely ran down 20 points.

Cmon Andy Reid, just run Weaver in short yardage. That's what he is there for.

Last mention for the following here. They've been good too many weeks in a row.
Benson, CJohnson, PThomas,MJD, DWilliams, Turner.

But speaking of Williams, what a strange career path. From a disappointment, to a very fluky stat total last year, to just being flat out good. I have to admit, I didn't see this coming, from the injury to Stewart, to his return being basically a benching, to DWilliams becoming a feature back.

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  1. They talked about this on Fantasy Focus (I am of course a company man) as well. How has Sims-Walker been inconsistent?

    6 for 106, 1TD
    6 for 81
    7 for 91, 2TD
    9 for 120
    2 for 9
    6 for 147, 1TD

    It looks like he just had one flub up. Pretty darn good if you ask me. You can't count the week he got phantomly inactivated as being inconsistent. Look at what this dude has done so far. I'm glad he's on my squad.