Monday, November 2, 2009

Mondays Minings-Week 8

Gut punch Sunday at the mines, Owen Daniels is out for the season just a week after being awarded an exclusive diamond of the week. That obviously hurts the owners of the number one tight end. Not much you can do, although maybe its the time to trade a third running back, maybe one that has a poor schedule down the line. The benching of Slaton, turned out to be the best thing for the Texans as Moats looked much better. I've said all along, the Texans need another rb, turns out they had one all along. What Moats was doing behind Chris Brown on the depth chart is beyond me but he is obviously the pickup of the week. Ideally, Moats and Slaton could be a 1-2 punch. For now, bench Slaton and pickup the Moatman. The Texans rb1 has had a favorable schedule. It's time to see if they can take advantage of it.

Nothing like a game against the Browns to get a running back back on his feet. Forte finally puts up some numbers against a terrible defense, without managing to look very impressive. The schedule will get tougher so now may be the peak trading time for Forte. The Bears defense is weakening as well, giving up too many ypc to Jamal Lewis. Could be a better matchup down the line than you think.

To be a bit self indulgent, it appears my quarterback curse may be over. Every year in my longtime keeper league, my qb situation is a diaster as I end with up the guy I target only to watch him suffer an injury within 4 weeks. I've taken down the seasons of Chad Pennington, Matt Hasselback, Donovan McNabb and Ben Roethlisburger. Pennington and Hassleback haven't had fantasy relevance since. So far Tony Romo has avoided the curse and looks pretty feisty. As I write these words, I am fully prepared for him to go down. Meanwhile, the Cowboys look pretty good, showing improvements on defense in particular.

Without Donald Brown, Addai looks like a very good play, especially considering his schedule. He got all but one of the carries on Sunday.

Eagles rb1 is a must play every week. They will have their Dr Jeckyll games, but opponent won't help you predict them. You have to play him every week. On the other side of the ball Jacobs put up a respectable game against a stingy Eagles D.

Vince Young looked very good. Calm and confident. That will help CJ's value for the remainder. I couldn't be more excited about Vince Young 2.0. He should change his name to Vincent to distinguish the new from the old.

Norv was so determined to get LDT a touchdown it's sad. After someone else got ONE goal line carry a few weeks ago he pouted on the sideline, Norv rewards his behavior by giving him 8 goal line carries last week. Since his fork prevented him from getting in, he got all the goal line carries this week, and gets two TDs without doing anything to get the team down there. Anyways, don't be tricked into starting him next week.

Peterson puts up solid numbers again but he is dropping in 2010 mocks. He just doesn't look good. I have more faith in the 2010s of MJD, SJAX, and CJ right now. A few others are knocking on his door.

Diamonds(a bunch of obvious ones this week, but those top running backs looked really really good.)
Chris Johnson
Maurice Jones-Drew
Steven Jackson
Brett Favre
Pierre Thomas - Sit Bell on the bench any time, the frenchman is a monster
Ray Rice- There is no more three headed monster in Baltimore.
Miles Austin


  1. in a non-keeper league, what do you think would be good value for trading away Forte right now?

  2. Anyone that you are going to start. That includes a third receiver. Forte doesn't have many startable games left(none in the playoffs) so if you are at all happy with the rest of your rb situation, now is the time to move him. I'd rather have anyone that will play at least three times.