Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wrap Up

With my initial rankings set out, I thought I'd take some time to explain who I am, and why this blog matters. I don't claim to be a guru, I don't have a mystical connection to future fantasy performances. But most of the people on the big sites really don't know much either. So while other sites may give rankings that you can use to guide your draft, I've tried to leave readers with a jumping off point for their own thoughts. My ranking of each player has been explained, so you can disagree with parts or all of my analysis, and adjust your own thoughts accordingly. Its your team, so don't follow anyone's advice blindly. A numerical ranking, even a tier system isn't that interesting without the rationale. So feel free to disagree and ask where a player would be ranked with a different role than I've attributed to him.
For the rest of the offseason, I'm going to try to comment on all the big news stories, and focus on their relevance to fantasy, and what adjustments they require of my original rankings. In the summer, I hope to have a complete guide to the 09 draft for the new player and veteran alike. And that guide, as I've pointed out before will weigh the schedule factor, the missing factor in most analysts' draft guides.

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