Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mid April Movers

Tory Holt to the Jaguars
No real impact on the receiver himself, Holt is moving to a better team with a better qb situation, but its not enough to start considering Holt, as his will get him drafted higher than he deserves. His rise in real value is equaled by his rise in perceived value. Garrard is the real beneficiary with Jones Drew and Donnie Avery receiving slight boosts. Garrard is a solid choice in a deep league now and a credible backup.

Dominic Rhodes to the Bills
Disregard anything I said in the Marshawn Lynch post. Fred Jackson's value has obviously been slashed. Rhodes will split with Jackson for the first three games, and what happens after Lynch is back in unpredictable. This doesn't change Lynch's value, he'll be getting the bulk of the carries for the season. I just wouldn't draft Rhodes or Jackson. I also feel better about Joseph Addai. I'm certain now he will be a feature back in 09. His other risk factors(injury, oline play) remain the same, so he is still iffy enough to stay in the second tier.

Jason Peters to the Eagles
This and other moves on the Eagles offensive line will boost Westbrook's value this season. I said before to expect a typical Westbrook season with a few missed games but solid production when he is in against a typically difficult season. Now there is a chance you get a typical Westbrook season where he punches in a few extra tds behind a more powerful line.


  1. who's the rams number one receiver?

  2. donnie avery, and that is pretty much it. the number 2 option is randy mcmichael. They'll most likely draft someone to play opposite avery.