Sunday, January 1, 2012

Season Totals/Round One Picks

Super Contest (49-34-2) Tied for 16th

Well, hypothetically. This is just for fun, since I'm not entered.

All Picks (110-77-3) 59%

Obviously, a stellar year, the best since I started keeping track 4 years ago. What's crazier is how many of my losses involve San Diego, or Dallas. If I had stayed away from those.....

2011: 59%
2010: 54%
2009: 55%
2008: 58%

Playoff Picks (I will probably just pick all the games, and keep my record separate from the reg season.)

Detroit +11.5 over New Orleans
Denver +9 over Pittsburgh
Houston -2.5 over Cincinnati
New York -3 over Atlanta

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