Monday, February 1, 2010

Mondays Minings

Well there was no game yesterday but it is Monday and I have waited too long to gloat. I nailed the Super Bowl matchup in September. While it seemed like chalk at midseason, the Colts were a wildcard team last year and the Saints were fourth in their division. The signs were there but the majority of experts were predictably backing the Pats, Steelers and Chargers. Go back and look at the odd, the Pats were 3-2 to win the AFC.(Just dumb, as I said at the time) The Saints had higher odds than the Panthers, yikes. So with that success, and my results on the over-unders, I feel like taking a trip to Vegas next September and placing some futures.

Though I will undoubtedly change my mind by September, (Believe free agency and the draft may make a difference) I have a few early picks for 2010.

Green Bay over San Francisco in the NFC
Also considering Dallas. I think the wheels come off for the Vikings even if Favre stays.

Colts repeat conference by beating the Bengals in the final.
Chargers win the division but are threatened by the Raiders. Miami takes the east. Texans and Titans as wildcards.

A few notes on the upcoming matchup:

Sean Payton: real life genius, fantasy jerk. The playoffs have shown that he does know who his good back is, he just spits carries to preserve him in the regular season. While this is actually a brilliant move, as fantasy owners we must despise him for it.

Peyton Manning: greatest of all time. Win or lose on Sunday, Manning's performance in the playoffs has been legendary.

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